One Day Delay.

Around seven years ago I took part in a documentary filming. It led from Berlin, through Warsaw, through Vilnius, through Saint Petersburg to Karelia. We were travelling and meeting people in the train, talking to them and filming their life stories. Close to the end of the trip I left my camera in a bus – it was still the time where my phone was not responsable for taking the pictures. So most of my visual anchor points are snapshots of my memory. [When I come to think about it, not long after I also left my first phone that replaced my actual camera in a tram. Maybe the universe wanted to teach me something at that time.] The idea of the documentary was that two people travel the same route with one day delay. They see the same places but meet different people. The first person to travel records sounds and interviews and takes notes, the second one films impressions on camera. I was travelling with the camera operator, being translator and improvised sound recorder. I had to think about that episode of my life, when realizing that I was one day late with the Blogging 101 project.

This is the second post of my blog and there are some cues I probably should give about who I am, why I blog and what is it going to be about. Around ten years ago I wanted to start an online zine. I talked with some people about the idea and one of them asked “What is it going to be about?”. After thinking about all the interests I have, there was no way I could limit myself down to only one or two topics or broad themes or areas it should be about, so I said, or rather typed, a satisfied “About everything!”. The project was not fruitful. That said, I am still interested in everything, I am a huge fan of fun facts, I have worked in different areas. I jobbed in a gas station, sold cars, worked in film business and now I am a student of social and cultural anthropology, which is a scientific way to say that you deal with everything. Or rather with the life worlds of human beings and those can be filled with everything. This year I did research in China, Hong Kong and Venice. I wrote papers about the cultural sensitivity of psychiatry, Jorge Luis Borges and linguistics, about myths and storytelling and at the moment I am shaping the topic of my thesis. Communication, digital and social media, contact zones, along those lines.

I don’t want to make the same mistake again and claim this blog is going to be about everything. It is aimed as a popular science blog. Here you will find photos, videos and stories about my research, my travels or simply observations from everyday life, giving you insights into other life worlds and one or two anecdotes of my life. Welcome.